This gorgeous 3 Piece Rose Gold Titanium Wand was sent to me by HerStyler, along with a Marula Hair Serum. I had the pleasure of trying out both of these items, and today I will be giving my truthful review and a short, simple how-to on these amazing products! 

A Peek at HerStyler 

Before receiving my products from HerStyler, I took a look at their website as I’ve never used any items from this brand. They offer a variety of hair care essentials, utensils, and other products, and all seem very well made in relation to durability, quality, and ingredients. 

Features of the 3-Piece Titanium Wand

HerStyler’s titanium wand comes with three different barrel attachments for different curls and styles. The small barrel is 9/18mm, the medium size is 18/25mm, and the large barrel is 25/25mm.

The smaller the piece, the kinkier/bouncier the curls. Small attachments can help achieve that wavy beach look. Bigger barrels lead to more loose flowing curls. Most commonly used is the 25/25mm barrel, which gives bigger “romantic” style curls.  

Being made of titanium, this wand ensures the highest ionic output, leaving you with no frizz and a lot of lovely curls.

There are two settings on the wand, 1 and 2. The 2nd setting is perfect for mostly any hair, running at 400o. Another neat feature is the temperature recovery; it cools down so quickly!

The actual handle of the wand itself has a swivel cord – extremely convenient and tangle-free (and safer than others). Swivel cords are just overall much better for products such as these. No one wants to get tangled in a cord attached to a 400 degree titanium piece. 

Also included is a heat resistant glove, which is awesome! My mother can agree that this glove is a big plus, seeing as it reduced her accident count during curling from 2 on average down to 0. 

The overall feel of the product itself was very quality. Holding the wand, it is lightweight while still feeling like it won’t break as soon as you accidentally drop it. The durability, colors, the packaging, and everything else left a very nice first impression! 

Features of the Marula Hair Serum

HerStyler has a few different types of hair serums, as well as masks, conditioners, etc. I was able to test the Marula Serum, a nourishing hair serum. The Marula Serum is made from Marula seed oil and is infused with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. 

I personally was pleased to read the five ingredients on the box, as the top 3 ingredients I already listed work wonders, and the other two ingredients are cyclomethicone and dimethicone. Dimethicone is what produces the high shine and soft conditioned feel, while cyclomethicone absorbs quickly and helps the hair to stay lubricated and shiny without the oily aftereffect. 

The purpose of this serum is to lock in moisture, eliminate frizz, and produce high shine. Let me tell you, this serum did that all. 

This bottle itself is made of glass, which is great quality, but could potentially be dangerous just by having it on your vanity. The heaviness on the bottom of the bottle, though, makes it sturdy enough that my worries of knocking it off and breaking it have vanished. Being glass also makes it even more aesthetically pleasing, especially with the pretty purple cap on top. 

Only one feature bothered me about this product, and it has to do with the way it closes. The cap just simply clicks on, but it isn’t an extremely secure click, particularly because as I said, this is a heavy glass bottle. If I click the cap all the way on and hold it by the tip, the bottle itself will disconnect from the lid and fall. 

To be fair, I have a suspicion this could be from the handling of my package on its way here. I believe this because upon first opening the serum, the lid was not attached properly and some of the serum had leaked out and all over the bottle. It was a very sad sight to see, but after wiping away what had leaked out, my bottle seems fine and almost doesn’t leak at all.

Besides that issue, everything about this hair serum seemed great and left a rather positve impression. I was super excited to use this as I’ve never used a nourishing serum with these types of ingredients before, and the smell from the beginning was already enjoyable.

Marula Serum How-To 

The Marula Serum is meant to keep your hair soft, frizz-free, shiny, and manageable. This means you’ll want to apply it before styling your hair, especially if your hair is on the frizzier side. 

The box instructions state that putting 1-2 pumps into your palm and applying on dry or damp hair is the best technique. 

For this demonstration, I used my sister’s hair to highlight the benefits. She is biracial, and her hair is naturally very dry and very frizzy, making these her biggest concerns. The 1-2 pumps of the Marula Serum seemed to be just under enough for her long hair, so I used 3-4. 

After applying the serum, you will want to massage it into your hair thoroughly. For a minute after putting this into my sister’s hair, I was worried it would leave a greasy residue by the looks of it, but after being thoroughly applied and absorbed, there is NO residue or greasiness left behind. All that will remain is sleek, silky hair. 

After trying 20+ other types of oil for her hair, my sister and I both agreed that this serum was outstanding. The softness of her hair was unbelievable, particularly because her hair is typically much more dry feeling and coarse. After the serum, her hair was shiny, smooth, and just all around gorgeous.

Also, the smell is just incredible! To me, it smells like a really good shampoo – a clean smell with just a hint of perfume. 

Titanium Wand How-To

Heat protectant is recommended before using any hot utensils on your hair, whether this be a wand, straightener, or just a hot blow dryer. If you have a heat protectant, apply this now. HerStyler sells a heat protectant that you can check out.

Before curling, you must figure out which types of curls you desire. As I said before, the smaller the barrel piece, the kinkier the curl. You can always add your preferred style afterwards to perfect it! 

I used the medium sized piece from the 3 Piece Rose Gold set on my sister to get an in-between of tight, bouncy curls and the big, flowy curls. For my own short hair, though, I always go for the smallest size. I prefer the thinner, tighter curls. This part is completely up to you. 

Now, for this step, many people do it differently. The techniques are endless, but for a basic curling, we separated her hair into two parts: top and bottom. This is a simple way to separate the hair while still adding volume and fullness. 

First step, put on the protective glove, trust me! Then, holding the wand in your bare hand, take strands about ½” to 1” (preferably no bigger, but adjust to your liking), and with the gloved hand, wrap the strand of hair around the wand. 

The best way to wrap the strand is by pointing the tip of the wand towards the floor and wrapping the hair away from your face. This will give your face a naturally framed look. 

Make sure to go all the way to the end if you want – this is what the glove is for. Avoid going all the way to the end if you’re wanting a more natural look as this will cause crimping at the bottom of your hair that does not naturally happen. 

You’ll want to hold strands on for 5-10 seconds. I found that 8 seconds worked pretty well in our situation! After counting, release the curl straight off of the wand. Some people hold the curl up for a few seconds after – try this if you’d like. Avoid running your hands through or touching the curl too much (unless you want very loose curls) right away so that the curls can set and stay in place. 


  • Do not twist your hair when wrapping 
    • This will not allow the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the strand 
  • Pay close attention and DO NOT hold your hair on the wand too long; it will scorch! 

Continue this process with the entire bottom layer, adding a styling product if need be. Then release the top layer of hair and repeat the exact same steps on top!

Afterwards, use hair spray or your preferred styling product over all of your hair. Go with as much as you feel necessary, as many different factors play into how well your hair will hold. Dirtier hair typically shapes and holds better than freshly washed hair, but if it is too dirty it won’t style well at all.  

Final Opinion

Starting with the Marula Serum:

Let’s just say I was very happy with the outcome. I love it because it does exactly what it is supposed to do and it does so very well. On my sister’s hair, the serum really showed what it can do and her hair has never felt so good. The shine is intense, and the frizz is practically nonexistent. When someone’s hair is usually very dry and coarse to the touch, and then it becomes so soft and hydrated that you don’t want to keep your hands off of it – that’s when you know it’s a quality product. 

I was a little worried about the serum on my own hair as it is on the more oily side, but if this applies to you, do not fear! This serum stays true to what it is made to do without leaving behind unwanted greasiness, which is typically what I’m left with after using other products. To say the least, the Marula Serum is spectacular. 

And again, the smell of the serum is truly delightful.

The Titanium Wand: 

I have never been the best at curling hair… I’m talking both wands and regular clip irons. I’ve also never felt like the big, loose curls fit me very well. This has resulted in my hair being boring and straight most days. Somehow, HerStyler’s wand made me feel like I knew exactly what I was doing. The outcomes with the different sized barrels, how quickly it heats and cools down, and how simple it is just sold me completely. 

I have seen it said that one size barrels can do it all, but after giving this wand a try, I can tell this is not completely true. The difference in the curls just from the small and medium sized barrels was quite obvious. The convenience of having whichever style curl you want very quickly and without taking extra measures is a huge plus!

My boyfriend even ended up doing my hair just to give it a try, and it turned out beautifully. Now for someone’s first time curling hair, he did outstanding, and we owe part of the credit to this incredible wand. 

I’m so excited to try the 25/25mm on my own hair next time I want to feel extra pretty. As I said previously, I’ve never liked the loose flowing curls on myself, and my excitement to create said curls stem from my new growing love of this particular wand. 

On hair that naturally frizzes out after styling, the wand’s performance was outstanding and left the curls frizz-free!  

Would I recommend? 

Yes, I would recommend! HerStyler did an excellent job on these products, and I am so grateful to have received them. I’m definitely going to buy another Marula Serum in the near future. It is one of the best hair products I’ve ever used, and my whole family would vouch for that. Thanks to the Marula serum and HerStyler’s easy-to-use wand, my hair doesn’t have to be dull and boring anymore!