Finally, Sunday brunch season has arrived. This is the season where my besties and I come out to play each and every Sunday with rooftop views and unlimited wine. Normally I’m ecstatic for this season. But this year … eh, I need more time to prepare. Because when we are having a good time, the cameras start snapping. I refuse to be caught on anybody’s social media with this current pizza face situation I have going on.

Acne is acne I know we all have it occasionally. But, I’m frustrated because I’ve been working hard on my diet to prevent it. My recent visits to the grocery store have been disciplined. I skip over my favorite aisles and head straight to the produce section. I’ve been told that antioxidants were the key to revive my youthful complexion and repair any damage done. So, I’ve been buying mostly fruits and vegetables. But, these breakouts are still happening. I received skin care products from Vine Vera, and after researching their website I learned that I was going about this acne prevention all wrong. I should’ve never skipped the wine aisle (deep sigh.)

Vine Vera

As I strolled through the Vine Vera website. Their mission is to, “deliver luxe and pampering experiences with each of our skin care products to transform the way you look at your skin and your skin care regimen.” I noticed a wine theme. As a wine lover, this detail definitely grabbed my attention. Vine Vera has an extensive amount of skin care products and wine accessories. They have over ten skin care collections listed. Every collection is named after a type of wine too. Vine Vera’s main ingredient is resveratrol. Resveratrol is a polyphenol loaded with antioxidants. Resveratrol is found in peanuts and the skin of red grapes. That’s where the wine comes in to play.

I also noticed consistent high reviews on most (if not all) products. Obviously, I’m all about reviews. Seeing so much positive feedback on their products definitely made me more willing and more confident in trying their products. However, everyone’s skin reacts differently, so let’s see if the Vine Vera Merlot Collection suits me as well.

Wait, but what does resveratrol do for my skin?

I won’t pretend like I knew exactly what resveratrol meant before this review. My initial thought after seeing the wine on Vine Vera was, does this mean I need more brunches and wine nights for clear skin? I happen to love annoying my neighbor with my drunken late-night renditions of Whitney Houston’s top hits (just kidding.) However, since I did receive actual skin care products. I was curious to find out if this meant I could put wine on my face for skin care as well. I did more research and found out yes, I can. According to CBS News, there are places in New York that offer a full wine bath to rejuvenate the skin on your body. This is rumored to be the bath of youth. The article also states that resveratrol used in a topical product has been proven to reduce acne, protect the skin from UV lights and smooth wrinkles in the skin.

As a topical method resveratrol uses its high antioxidant powers to prevent and terminate existing free radicals. Free radicals are molecules in the skin that can cause damage to the skin and increase the chances of skin aging. Therefore, resveratrol reigns as one of the greatest anti-aging ingredients in the skin care industry.

My Skin Issues

I’ve noticed this past year that my skin condition varies right along with weather changes. I swear I can predict cold and hot temperatures approaching from the condition of my skin. My breakouts and acne normally come with warm weather and humidity. Cold weather typically brings the dry skin, wrinkles and dark circles around my eyes. Currently, I’ve had nothing but hot, humid days. Therefore, my skin has at least one pimple a day. By the end of this week review with Vine Vera’s Merlot Collection, I’m seeking a clear, breakout- free skin complexion and a soft moisturized texture.

I received four products from the Vine Vera Merlot Collection. I received the Vine Vera Resveratrol Cleansing Kit, Resveratrol Merlot Facial Exfoliant, Resveratrol Merlot Moisturizing Day Cream, and Resveratrol Merlot Nourishing Night Cream. I did a one-week review of these products collectively.

Resveratrol Merlot Exfoliant

Out of all of these wonderful products I decided to use the exfoliant first. I had just ceased my frequent exfoliation with other products because I noticed my skin becoming too dry and my warm weather acne was still prevalent. So, I had just recently given myself a week break from facial exfoliation to restore my natural oils. The Vine Vera website states that the Resveratrol Merlot Exfoliation is gentle, paraben free and does not strip the skin from its vital oils. This already seems like a much better exfoliant compared to what I was previously using.

As you can see this exfoliant has a thick jelly texture. The reds beads have a subtle texture within the gel (which coincides with the gentle promise.) The directions state to use a quarter-sized amount and gently rub in a circular motion. Then rinse with cool water. I followed the instructions on a dry face. I did not wet my face prior to application.

Usually, the skin on my face is extremely tight after an exfoliant. I’m normally scrambling for a moisturizer to put on immediately after so that I can talk without discomfort. Not this time though. My skin was dry, but not tight or pulling. My skin texture was smooth, and these results were exactly what I was seeking from this product. The Resveratrol Merlot Exfoliant has a price point of $86.

Resveratrol Merlot Night Cream

I did my exfoliation at night, so it was only right that the next product was the Resveratrol Merlot Nourishing Night Cream. This product is $146 and is described as,  “ultra-soothing cream {that} will help restore the natural glow your skin loses throughout the day. Formulated with Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii Oil) and Resveratrol, your skin will feel softer and younger by the morning.” Oh boy, was I excited to see the ingredient shea butter. I’m a shea butter fanatic.  Shea butter is very beneficial for skin care and amazing for its ability to:

  • Heal Anti-inflammatory skin conditions (exactly what I need for my acne)
  • Seal in skin moisture
  • Protect from UV rays
  • Fight aging skin

I applied a generous amount of the night cream on my face (as instructed) and instantly felt the nourishment. This product has a light silky texture that did not take long to completely rub in. I felt good about the ultimate outcome of my exfoliation and moisturizing with the night cream.

Vine Vera Resveratrol Cleansing Kit

My skin still felt great in the morning. But, a good facial cleaning was definitely needed. I was a bit oily, which could be due to my nightly sweating, and my acne was still very present. It was time to use the Vine Vera Resveratrol Cleansing Kit. This kit comes with two products: The Milk Cleanser and The Resveratrol Balance Toner. The price point for this kit is $126.

Step 1: The Milk Cleanser

This product is manufactured to “clean the skin from impurities.” It has a thin texture and will quickly run as soon as it hits your hand. The instruction suggests using a cotton ball to apply. I used the stout to drench my cotton ball and in a circular motion applied the cleanser to my face with the cotton ball. Don’t you just love how cotton balls reveal all of the dirtiness on your face? I’m always surprised at the amount of dirt showed from my face when using a cotton ball. I used about two cotton balls this time. I cleaned my face until I saw absolutely no remanence of dirt. I used this product on my neck as well. This cleanser is gentle as well. there was no burning or irritation. All it did was collect the dirt.

Step 2: Resveratrol Balance Toner

This product also has a very thin texture. The color is clear (like most toners) and it needs a cotton ball for application too. Note that I did not rinse my face before applying the toner I went right into the next step. This is what the directions state to do as well. I prepared another cotton ball by soaking it in toner and rubbed it all over my face and neck. Then I rinsed with cool water.

The Resveratrol Balance Toner is promised to “remove additional impurities and leave an even radiant look.” The cleaning job of both products was extraordinary. My skin complexion seemed more even immediately after. The toner did a good job of hydrating as well. I could feel my pores taking a breath of fresh air. However, I can’t say I saw radiance in my skin just yet. My skin was definitely ready for a moisturizer.

Resveratrol Moisturizing Day Cream

After the completion of the cleansing kit,  I finished my skin routine with the Resveratrol Merlot Moisturizing Day Cream. I applied this product exactly like the night cream. As I mentioned before, the textures are identical, and it absorbed in my skin easily as well. I liked the restoration that it provided my skin in terms of moisture. And, guess what? I noticed some radiance coming through as well.  The Resveratrol Moisturizing Day Cream is $146.

Two-Day Recap

By the end of the second day, I had used all of the products. The most notable thing I noticed about my skin was the hydration and shine in my skin. This wasn’t an oily shine either it was a glow that lasted the entire day. On this second day, my acne had not vanished, however, my pimples were no longer red and inflamed. I could tell they were on their last stages of life and almost gone. I give credit to ingredient resveratrol for these results. However, I also give credit to another prominent ingredient found in all four of these products: glycerin. Glycerin is another noteworthy ingredient.

What is Glycerin?

  • Glycerin is not manufactured, it’s a natural ingredient
  • Glycerin is a compound found inside plant and animal fats
  • In regard to skin care, glycerin is used as a humectant. Glycerin goes beyond the surface level of the skin and works by extracting moisture from deeper skins levels. Glycerin also collects water and moisture from the air and uses everything it has collected to moisturize the skin it was applied to.
  • Ultimately glycerin is guaranteed to leave the skin feeling softer than before

My Week Routine and Results

The Resveratrol Merlot Exfoliant was only used on the first night. Then I took a 3-day break and used it again on the fourth day. If you’re looking for a daily exfoliant I would definitely recommend this one because of its gentleness. With both uses, this exfoliant did not dry my skin out. I decided not to use the exfoliant every day only because I felt it wasn’t necessary. Using all of the products collectively in this week had me already seeing the results I wanted. Excessive exfoliation was just not what I needed this week.   

Using Vine Vera’s Resveratrol Cleansing Kit was my favorite part of each day throughout this week by far. I used it daily, and every day I saw improvement in my complexion and acne. By day five my skin was clear and as soft as a baby’s bottom. There’s no greater feeling than having a skin care product actually clear your face from acne within a week. No more hiding, I ready to start back brunching on the Sunday with my girls.

Last but certainly not least, the Resveratrol Day Moisturizing Cream and Resveratrol Nourishing Night Cream definitely showed good results as well. I used the day cream every day after the cleansing kit and the night cream every night before bed. Both products instantly showed results. Every morning I noticed the night cream making a difference in the texture of my skin. And, throughout the entire day, the day cream kept me glowing.

These products work. That’s a fact. The only question remaining is are they worth the price? When it comes to the cleansing kit- hell yeah. Drop whatever cleansing and acne fighting products that you’re currently using and order this kit now. The day and night creams are worth the purchase as well. My glow and radiance have been phenomenal, and I don’t ever want it to leave. The exfoliant is worth the purchase if you have sensitive skin and can’t find a gentle exfoliant that still does a great job. The Vine Vera Merlot Collection has quality products paired with a reasonable price. I’m impressed with the improvement in my skin this week and will recommend them to everyone.