Jelessi Torche V2+ review

Review: Jelessi Torchē V2+ and HD2 Hyaluronic Duo

I recently took a trip back to my home town for some much-needed relaxation with family. While home I also met up with my close friends from high school. We all recently entered our 30’s and had plenty of stories to share about this new journey. Coincidently there was one story that each and every one of us had in common. Hello, aging!

These daily wrinkles, eye creases, and dry skin patches have become our worst nightmare. We were all desperately seeking ways to stop this aging madness. I shared with them that because of aging I’ve come to a desperate point in life. My smiles are now purposely far and few between. Not because I’m not happy, but because I’m trying to decrease the number of wrinkles and creases appearing on my cheek. I’m only thirty- years-old I still want to look and feel young. So, desperate times turn to desperate measures.

Introducing Jelessi

Luckily when I returned back home from my trip I had a package of Jelessi skin products waiting for me at my door. My times of desperation could possibly be coming to an end. The Jelessi brand is known for, “harnessing the power of technology to revolutionize skin care.” Jelessi has made it their mission to bring high technology skin devices, that are normally only at spa facilities, right inside your home for personal use. This convenience allows you to have a spa treatment at your liberty and cater the treatment to your skin demands. 

I received their Torchē V2 +, and HD2 Hyaluronic Duo products. The timing was absolutely perfect. I’m not sure what happened to my skin while traveling, but my face was in pretty bad shape at the moment. I had dry skin, and creases around my eyes. My skin needed rejuvenation immediately. This was my first time using a high-tech device for skincare treatments. I’m normally a serum and face mask kind of girl. But, I didn’t think twice about it my skin was screaming for help. I unpacked and went directly to the bathroom to start testing out these Jelessi products. 

HD2 Hyaluronic Duo Review

It was late when I arrived home and I was a bit jet lagged. Therefore, I didn’t feel like reading a manual or dealing with lasers. So, I decided to start with Jelessi’s HD2 Hyaluronic Duo. This bottle is quite unique because it comes with two spouts and two products in one bottle. One side is for the night, labeled Hyaluronic and the other side is for the day, labeled Hyaluronate. The directions instruct to apply a small amount to a cleansed face and neck. The directions also instructed to allow one minute for the product to absorb.   


The product is light in weight but still has a rich- silky texture. A small amount goes a long way. I wouldn’t recommend using any more than the amount pictured below.

The product did not leave any residue behind, all of it quickly absorbed. This is a great feature for a night time cream. No matter how much you love a product-no one wants to get oil stains on their pillows or bedding every night. My skin instantly felt moisturized after application. The soothing feeling helped pacify me right to sleep. 

The night product of the HD2 Hyaluronic Duo contains these standout ingredients:

  • Cucumber Extract: restores dry skin
  • Resveratrol: distributes antioxidants in the skin
  • Carrot Seed Oil: assists with clearing wrinkles and blemishes in skin

The ingredient carrot seed oil in a skincare products was new to me. But, after research, I found that carrot seed oil has been used as an ingredient to rejuvenate and tighten skin in face masks for quite some time now. I also found that carrot seed oil is a natural alternative to sunscreen. Carrot seed oil contains SPF which can block harmful UVA and UVB sunrays from skin. This ultimately keeps your skin protected from exterior factors, that typically cause your skin to begin the dreaded process of aging.

The Next Morning

That morning (still pleased with my skin texture from the night before) I continued using the HD2 Hyaluronic Duo and switched to the day- hyaluronate side. I did have a concern. The description about the day product on the website states “leaves skin with a mattified photo finished look.” I normally don’t like matte finishes in skin products, because I already have dry skin. Matte products make my skin pull and feel even drier. But, I decided to still give it a try.

The key ingredients in the day product are:

  • Hyaluronate: to retain moisture
  • Organic Chamomile Extract: reduces pores
  • Vitamin A: contains anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties

Chamomile extract was another shocking ingredient for me. Normally I take my chamomile steeped in hot water with a cookie on the side. Chamomile tea is my calming beverage of choice. And, lately due to these skin problems I’ve been needing to be calmed more frequently. But, I had no idea that Chamomile tea could solve my pesky skin problems as well. For centuries Chamomile extracts have been used for its anti-inflammatory capabilities with skin. Chamomile extracts have soothing and moisturizing capabilities as well, perfect for healing acne breakouts and eczema. After finding out these facts, I now declare Chamomile my favorite super herb.

The directions are the same as the night product. I washed my face and applied a small amount as instructed. The textures of both products in the duo are similar. The only difference I noticed between the two was a slight difference in color. The day product has a whiter tone. Again, I was thoroughly pleased with the moisture in my skin after applying the product. I didn’t feel a matte finish (or my perception of a matte finish) at all. My skin felt like satin and as promised- I had a perfect photo finish.

Hyaluronate Skin Benefits

For a 30-year-old with skin concerns, I surely was taking a risk by using a product that I knew nothing about prior to. Especially a product with an aggressive name like HD2 Hyaluronic Duo. The name sounds a little intimidating, right? Or, maybe it only seemed aggressive because I had no clue about hyaluronic acid and its relation to skin care.

According to Healthline, hyaluronic acid is a clear substance that already exists in your skin, connective tissue and eyes. Hyaluronic acid has one main job and that is to preserve moisture in your tissues. We all know how important and scarce moisture becomes when aging starts.

However, the benefits I found for hyaluronic acid didn’t stop at moisture. There were other important benefits pertaining to skin care too including: 

  • Slows wrinkles and creases from forming in skin.
  • Stabilizes firmness and rejuvenation in skin.
  • Rapidly heals scars and blemishes. 

I wasn’t expecting immediate results with my wrinkles and creases. This HD2 Hyaluronic Duo is instructed for daily use, so I figured I wouldn’t see results until the end of the week. But, I did enjoy the texture of my skin daily from the product and I noticed clearing of my blemishes after the second day. 

Torchē V2+ Review

Hold up, am I still in 2019? The packaging of the Torchē V2+ and the HD2 Hyaluronic Duo is very futuristic and enticing. The packaging is a sleek metallic gray box that opens like the door of a spaceship.

Jelessi’s Torchē V2+ is depicted by the brand as a, “powerful, non-surgical, pain-free device [that] emits red LED and infrared technology to target the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and aging skin, so you can enjoy smoother, more radiant skin.” I’ll be honest, after learning more about the Torchē V2+, receiving it made me feel like I received an invite to the VIP section of skincare products. This device seemed pretty cool. The opportunity to also have it at home in my unorganized beauty cabinet, made it me seem even more cooler.

LED Facial Treatments: Do They Really Work?

Even though I’ve read about celebrities using LED facial treatment to achieve those flawless faces we see on the runway and in magazines. I was always told to be weary of lights and lasers on my skin. So, what makes this red LED and infrared light technology beneficial for my skin?

Instead of going the topical route like most skin care products, Jelessi chooses LED light technology to stimulate the hypodermis layer of the skin. This method has been proven to reduce wrinkles and provide a youthful appearance in skin. Red LED also hydrates skin and reduces the size of pores.

How Does the Torchē V2+ Work?

The Torchē V2+ came along with a few friends:

  • a cleaning towel
  • a charging port
  • a velvet travel bag
  • an adaptor
  • a user manual

I highly suggest reading the user manual before using the Torchē V2+. To obtain your desired results there are different settings on the Torchē V2+ that you want to pay attention to. For instance, there’s an optional heat setting that you may or may not want to use.

I cleaned and completely dried my face first, as instructed. Then I powered on the Torchē V2+. A green light came on which means it’s charged and ready to be used.

I applied slight pressure onto my skin with the device and moved in circular motions along my cheek and forehead areas (those are my high wrinkle areas.) When the device comes in contact with your skin, red lighting on the chrome end of the device will appear and you’ll hear a vacuuming sound.

The first time that I used the Torchē V2+, I did not use the heat setting. The heat setting enhances the treatment and heats the device up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. I only used the heat on my two other sessions throughout the week. When the heat is turned on a yellow light will appear and its ready to heat things up. I did the same circular motion routine on my areas of concern.

If you are sensitive to heat, be careful with this setting because you will gradually feel the heat. I love heat and enjoyed the heat setting. It felt as if I was out tanning and my skin was being sun-kissed.

After I finished I could still feel the heat sensation in my skin. A moisturizer should be applied immediately after using the Torchē V2 +. I used the HD2 Hyaluronic Duo after every session. I also used the cleaning towel to wipe the device down after every session just in case any skin debris was captured in the device. The battery life appears to be great. I went the entire week without needing a re-charge.

My Week Results

I undoubtedly saw results in my skin throughout the week. I had a few blemishes on my skin at the beginning of the week, and by the end of the week my skin was clear with a vigorous appearance. Jelessi promises to see results in 3-5 weeks with the Torchē V2+ if the device is used three times a week. After only a week I seen improvement. I still had wrinkles along my forehead area, but I strongly believe by the end of the three weeks those will be gone.

Are They Worth the Price?

Have you ever noticed the pricing of LED skin treatments in spas? These sessions are normally priced around $150- $300 per session. The sessions typically no longer than 30 minutes, too. Therefore, considering the price of the Torchē V2+, which is $4,750.00 … yes, I will say it is worth the purchase. Remember, this device provides the convenience of spa treatment at home.

The HD2 Hyaluronic Duo is priced at $1,500. This product serves as a day and night cream and gave my face a satin feel I’ve never felt before. So, I would say yes to this product too. If you are really serious about investing in the future of your skin these two products from Jelessi are a dream team.

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